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Alexis Audio

A sampleing and recording based project, Alexis Audio processes found sounds into his own peculiar yet pleasing style of rhythmic journeys that twist, turn, and stutter.

At live performances, expect anything from loose synthesized rhythms, live manipulation of audience vocals or cut up mixes of classic pop, darkened and dirtied for the dance floor.

''Jerky rhythms offset by discordant harmonics and dirt'' (Time Out New York, Din-Collective Showcase 11/2004).

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AARCH-002 - CD/Digital

01 Merlin Trance 45:25
02 Relief 08:28

An epic of an opener, never one not to take risks, Alexis Audio pokes fun at modern trance with 45 minutes of ever developing bliss akin to the origins of the electronic trance state. He says, 'In 2006 a friend kindly lent his studio during one of Berlin’s hardest winters.
Accessed through a hole in the floor, tracks were produced underground with temperatures of -20°c outside. Some respite from the cold was required and here is the outcome'.
The title track
Relief rounds it off with a belter. UR meets Steve Reich, and you know what were getting at.


Available again soon

Smallfish Records
Juno Records


Pop Eyes

AARCH-003 - CD/Digital

01 Up And Away 04:56
02 Woodpecker 05:44
03 Step Static 06:41
04 Boid Bop 05:30
05 Was Moz Art 03:25

Listen to some early mixes from the album below.

Alexis Audio will release a large back catalogue of his unreleased material through Audio Architecture over the following year.

PopEyes follows the epic Relief album with a selection of quirky techno pop recorded between 1998 and 2006. Here are certainly some humourous and unusual combinations that clear the cobwebs and add extra knock knees to the dance floor.


To be released later this year
Smallfish Records
Juno Records