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Mike Ballard

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Mike Ballard, born in 1972, has a background in digital music production. He often cites hip-hop and the act of sampling as huge influences on his work. Ballard uses a variety of media including paint, collage, film, sculpture and produces multimedia installations. Discoveries made in one medium are explored and developed in another, thus producing new forms and leads of inquiry.

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I.D.S.T. cd cover

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Two recordings of audio from the video installation. ‘I.D.S.T’ explores ideas relating to transience, transgression, authenticity, appropriation and destruction that are inherent in graffiti and have always interested Ballard. The connection to Ballard’s beginnings as a graffiti artist are apparent in the work, however the conventions of the medium are questioned, challenged, explored and subsequently re-presented.

The acronym ‘I.D.S.T’, standing for 'If destroyed still true', is used in graffiti to accompany a message. Given the limited temporality of such a statement ‘I.D.S.T’ suggests that in the event of its erasure or destruction, the proclamation would continue to exist as a truth.

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Long Range Desert Group

Soultronic Records

L.R.D.G. cover

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Collection of tracks by Ballard in two parts, 'Unfinished Beats' and Total Harmonic Distortion'. (

Edition of twenty).


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