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Maria Castro

Maria Castro is a sound designer and composer, currently based in France. She spent several years working in London, on short films and documentaries. Maria`s work has been presented and screened at various venues and film festivals in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, United States and Canada.

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For Those Who Have Everything

FMR CD272-0309

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Featuring Are Lothe Kolbeinsen on guitar & looping, Terje Evensen on percussion plus Maria Castro on electronics. This is a fine Norwegian duo with the final track manipulated by Portuguese sound designer named Maria Castro. Can't say that I've heard of any of them before this but I have to admit that FMR has again left us with an unknown gem. "Stumbling Ritual" starts our journey off with ultra subtle, glistening plucks, soft bowed cymbal and cautious mallets on the drums. Are Lothe sounds as if he is playing an acoustic guitar by tapping on it with a delicate instrument similar to the sound of someone playing quietly inside a piano. Perhaps there are a few alligator clips attached to the strings, tapping on them with some jewelry box like magic.

There is something quite beautiful, often calm and even stunning about this music that I find most enchanting. For the final piece, "Sovngjenger", Ms. Castro takes the duo and adds subtle electronic spice and careful manipulations. I didn't think that anyone could improve on the duo's unique sound but she does add some mystery to the already sublime yet mesmerizing duo. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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