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Yan Jun

Yan Jun, sound artist and improviser. Well known as music critic, poet and organizer in Chinas sub-culture scene for many years. Born in Lanzhou in 1973 he now lives and works in Beijing where he founded Sub Jam and KwanYin labels, and Tie Guan Yin (free-form electro-acoustic improvised project). Aside from runing the Waterland Kwanyin weekly event for experimental, improvised music and sound art, he has so far found time to published 5 essay and 3 poetry collections about Chinese new music.

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Yan Jun is particularly interested in taking field recordings from unusual places and manupulating recordings through various sound processing techniques to form unique compositions of real world experiences.
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Screenplay by Marclay- live performance with musicians Elliott Sharp, Wu Na, Bruce Gremo, Wang Li Chuan, Ben Houge, Yan Jun and Top Floor Circus.
Screenplay is a video score in which found film footage is combined with computer animation to create a visual projection to be interpreted by musicians. Using video projection to convey instructions to musicians, he composed a silent collage of found film footage partially layered with computer graphics to provide a framework in which live music can develop.

'Screenplay' by Christian Marclay

Yans installations encourage a look into the minute details of our sonic surroundings to find orchestras we least expected.

Local Listening is a sound installation composed of 40 pieces of field recordings. Headphones set at variable heights amidst a movable landscape encourage visitors to construct their own sonic and physical vistas – self-assembled navigations of urban sounds, natural sounds, everyday life sounds, music, news and nonsense sounds from ‘broken loudhailer’ to ’silent tribute for earthquake’ creating a playful and evocative politics of change and interactive experience. Realized with help of Ruan Qianrui and Jen Wu. (text: J.Wu)

Local Listening at the V&A, London

News For Tomorrow is a commissioned piece by Beijing-based artist Yan Jun for the Birdcage itinerant sound gallery. The artist picked one of the desks in the editorial office of Beijing Youth Weekly and placed recording devices, mp3 players and cassette walkman in them. The devices either reproduce the interview recordings of the magazine’s editorial staff, or record the the office soundscape.

News For Tomorrow


The Wormhole Trip
Music For The - Space Time

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Live in Guangzhou

Live in Guangzhou
CDR; publisher: Sub Jam; 2004; Other Two Comrades (Huan Qing + Cheng Zhipeng) + Yan Jun

Qiu Jiang Lu

CDR; Publisher: Yan Jun & Shanghai Zendai Art Center; 2008

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