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Louisville is the project of Olivier Cavaille, Felicia Atkinson, Nikolu and sometimes Sylvain Chauveau, Pierre Yves Mace and Jean Michel Pires.

Olivier Cavaille works and plays with Sylvain Chauveau, Pokett, My Broken Frame and That Summer.

Felicia Atkinson is a multimedia artist who works with sound, writing, drawing, and performances. She is involved in two other musical projects, one with Sylvain Chauveau and the other one, Stretchandrelax (on nowaki records) with Elise Ladoue. She has played many performances around the world such as at La Fondation Cartier, Paris, The Knitting Factory, NY and the Sala Rossa, Montreal.

Nikolu is a guitar and bass hero who is also involved in ii, La Chatte, Genau and That Summer.

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A Silent Effort In The Night


01 | LouisEville
02 | A Silent Effort
03 | Matin
04 | The Only Thing To Come Now Is The Sea
05 | Soir
06 | Forest (For Maria Kotalska)
07 | Johnny And June

9.90€ | including delivery

Réunion de musiciens à la fois complets et cultivés, mais qui ont surtout le bon goût de cultiver avant tout leur instinct : comme tout voyage, A Silent Effort In The Night est ainsi, avant tout, une aventure collective, et un art de la rencontre.
David Sanson

Les 500 premiers exemplaires de A Silent Effort In The Night sont numérotés de 1 à 500 sur 500.

Digisleeve 133mmx133mm en carton recyclé 400g | Packaging par Kamarade.

Listen to some tracks from the album below.


Listen to their other releases on soundcloud: http://bit.ly/bsT5kr

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