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Charles Oldman

Charles-Eric Charrier was one half of the duo MAN. Charles-Eric and his partner Rasim Biyikli have recorded three albums and worked for film soundtracks, painters, choreographers and completed many tours. Charles-Eric also writes and records as a solo artist under the name OLDMAN. He has collaborated with many artists and musicians including Mathias Delplanque (LENA), Rob Mazurek, Jérôme Paressant (ABRAXAS PROJEKT), THE CLOGS, Orange Blossom, Teamforest, and Le COQ

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Two Heads Bis Bis

Low Impedance Records

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Two Heads Bis Bis’ is a twisted bedtime story, a dark poem, an alchemist’s magic diary of secrets. Oldman (aka Charles Eric Charrier) employs the typical trio of ‘rock’ instrumentation (bass, guitars, drums) along with several rather atypical sound generating devices to sculpt a truly intense lo-fi masterpiece, a dreamy album drenched in fuzzy smoke: a dark, melancholic, weird and ultimately therapeutic experience. This is post-’something’ in the true sense of the term, as Oldman transcends most musical genres to create something unique and exciting. Repetitive rock-inspired patterns, tribal percussive jams, improvisation, organic ambience and lots of dark humor. This is what popular music would be like in an ideal world.

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