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Experimenter En Couleur

Keen to push boundaries, Experimenter En Couleur produces works using both traditional and emerging technologies to express new relationships between sound, colour, form, time and the users.
The multidisciplinary artworks are often interactive and generative pieces and can involve sculpture, installation, performance, found objects, live organisms, scientific data, the use of artefacts and sound,

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Much of Experimenter En Couleur's sound work is in the production of generative instruments. Chance operations in the making of the instrument and the way the instruments play their pallete, gives a freeness and experimental nature to the compositions. Each instrument is grown from seed and so in turn is the musical experience. (hear tracks at foot of page)

This is test footage from the See-Sound project using a modified digital oscilloscope to represent the visual element to generative sounds of the self built ProjectC synthesiser.
The aim is to develop a device with which one can paint sound in real time. This will enable the marking of a digital canvas, to produce abstract films, at the same time playing a sound according to the form and colour frequency of the mark made on the canvas. This visual representation by no means meets the See-Sound rules, but goes some way to portraying space, pitch and texture.

ProjectC001_SeeSound Test 090618_016

From the interactive generative artworks of the See-Sound Tests and Evolution Synthetica at the V&A, to multi million pound builds like the Glass & Light Canopy at Cardinal Place, Experimenter realises work in many mediums and at many scales.

Right, a multi touch lissajous test interface, that displays touch sensitive three dimensional waveforms across four windows, ready for real-time manipulation.
Below, a snapshot from an earlier ProjectC002 test, showing several three dimensional waveforms with minor distortion.

Presentation of See-Sound test, ProjectC002 at Shunt

A symbiotic performance of evolving sound and image. Live experiments describing evolutionary processes use generative sound synthesis, microscopy, macro footage and live generative digital animation to create a sensory spectacle bridging art and science.

Evolution Synthetica at the V&A, London

A dynamic installation of immersive media, referring to the house of the future. It explores digital tracking and computer technology to control our local environment through interaction with lo-fi inanimate objects, in this case the tea set.

The Digital Tea Party

In collaboration with Yan Jun, the installation refers to the history of the district by taking live sound signals from the original ductwork that form the axis into the gallery site. Visitors are drawn towards the gallery by resonating mechanical and generative sound pulses, to discover its mechanical source.
Photos by Yan Jun

798 Factory Installation - DIAF 2008, Beijing


Testing The Wheel EP


A limited edition release of 400 hand made and numbered CDs by Experimenter En Couleur.

This first Experimenter En Couleur release appeared in 2007. This brought something fresh into the world that could bridge gaps between genres and interest a varied audience.
The adjacent column quotes Mike Smallfish's review.

'You'll want to check this excellent release out if you're a fan of such labels as Raster Noton or 12k. There's a definite nod to those labels and associated artists on this first release for new label Audio Architecture, yet it confounds those expectations by being a thoroughly engaging and somewhat unusual piece of work. Beautifully presented with a tracing paper sleeve and with a limited press you get 5 tracks that range between click-driven, minimal work and a more free-flowing style of electronic music that references jazz and classical. Thoughtfully arranged and produced to a very high standard, this is a release that should see the artist gaining a much wider profile... they certainly deserve it. Recommended'.

This edition has sold out but you can find two of the tracks from this EP on the debut album Testing The Wheel.

Click Experimenter En Couleur Shop to audition full length tracks.

Testing The Wheel


CD cover

What is it? Electronic, free-jazz, contemporary-classical, noise?
Yet again, a true exploration of new and exciting territory.

Adjacent are the booklet liner notes.

CD - Presented in a beautiful hand punched, cut and stamped wallet by the artist. Printed disk and booklet shows artwork by the artist to represent musical scores and sources.

Limited Delux Vinyl Edition - These limited run of 40 disks come in Mobile Fidelity's archive quality Master Sleeve and are housed in a hand punched, cut and stamped slipcase by the artist. (Each is supplied with CD or WAV download).

Presented here are the first recorded works following a decade of experimentation. These early compositions aim to refine and define several methods in generative music making, to prove the indefinite moods and experiences possible and understand more of how the listener is stimulated by such unfamiliar territory. The compositions break from the barriers of scale and timing associated with traditional music to allow the freedom to explore new possibilities. All use generative tools in their music creation and are the outcome of self-made audio and visual synthesisers coupled to different stimuli. Control comes in varying degrees from the rules set at the beginning of the development process. Methods for playing the machines vary greatly according to project. Unexpected outcomes are celebrated and essential to the process.

Buy and hear the CD online in the Experimenter Shop.

<a href="http://experimenter.bandcamp.com/album/testing-the-wheel">Morning by Experimenter En Couleur</a>
This album is also available from many music shops worldwide in CD, Digital and Vinyl format.

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