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EEC - The Wall

EEC - The Wall

The Wall

Digital C-Print, paint fragment and steel

Frame size:
width 940mm x height 620mm

Fragment size:
width 91mm, height 265mm

Photograph of a wall from childrens playground, with paint fragment from the original wall. Found at Crystal Palace, London 2011. The image is turned on its side and the paint fragment is presented on a plinth below the photograph.

EEC - Rabbit Sequence

EEC - R Sequence

EEC - R Sequence detail

Rabbit Sequence - (detail above: Frieda Falkenhein)

Clay and electronics.

Twenty rabbits of size:
width 150mm, height 260mm

Sound-sculpture installation presenting the hopes and fears of 20 interviewed persons born in the year of the rabbit. Arranged in one space the individual voices cycle at different rates to present an ever-changing abstract poem of our time.

Audio example available soon.

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