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Experimenter En Couleur

Local Whispers - Sub Jam and Audio Architecture installation
27-28th January - Victoria and Albert Museum, Rooms 55 & 52, V&A South Kensington, London.
Ruan Qianrui and Yan Jun of Sub Jam, are collaborating with Christian Krupa and Experimenter En Couleur. A British Council supported project resulting in an exhibition in London and Beijing and again in London near the end of the year.
The first 'Local Whispers' installation was specifically arranged for the V&A's British Galleries Study Room 55 and to work with Cornelia Parker's 'Breathless' and gallery above. Headphones lifted by white balloons play found sounds below Cornelia's dark cloud of squashed instruments and are restrained by phisical objects. Visitors are invited to explore both sounds and related objects, using the sound to set the immediate surroundings and object as a catalyst for the imagination. From the circular gallery above the piece, rays of light augment the walls with suggestive imagery fragmented by shadows.

Photo by V&A photographer

Beacon - Installation proposal for London 2012 Olympics

'Beacon' comprises of a series of 216 sound and light beacons / wind powered lanterns along the four miles of the Greenway. Individually accessible via the web and on site, they relay one word messages between the site and the web and then sequence them along the run of beacons. As a word is relayed, the spinning lanterns emit an arc of light with the sound bite and send it to the next lantern/beacon in the sequence. The beacons connect all nations by facilitating simple and complex conversations, to produce an indefinite, gently flickering composition of light and messages.

Please note: Beacon Test Film is only representative of a particular stage in the project.

For more information about the project visit

Cristian Zuzunaga & Digital Tea Collaboration for Kvadrat at London Design Festival 2010
Kvadrat launches the 'Squaring of the Circle' textile collection by Cristian Zuzunaga. Textiles, prints and a large-scale installation in the London showroom explore Cristian Zuzunaga’s work. Experimenter En Couleur together with the two other Digital Tea studios produced the multi-dimensional side to Zuzunaga's cityscape inspired visual landscapes.
Shown in London for the first time.
The three collections are augmented by Digital Tea's interactive design to allow visitors to influence visual and aural aspects of the designs by interacting with the space.

Many parallels can be found between Experimenter and Zuzunaga's work. Both are keen to process digital data to extremes, and relish its mutations
, so look out for a specific Experimenter En Couleur/Cristian Zuzunaga collaboration in the future.

Testing The Wheel - Album release.
Presented here are the first recorded works following a decade of research and experimentation. These early compositions aim to refine and define several methods in generative music making, to prove the indefinite moods and experiences possible and understand more of how the listener is stimulated by such unfamiliar territory. The compositions break from the barriers of scale and timing associated with traditional music to allow the freedom to explore new possibilities. All use generative tools in their music creation and are the outcome of self-made audio and visual synthesisers coupled to different stimuli. Control comes in varying degrees from the rules set at the beginning of the development process. Methods for playing the machines vary greatly according to project. Unexpected outcomes are celebrated and essential to the process.
Listen to Testing The Wheel at the Experimenter En Couleur Shop

Leave A Mark - Sonar Festival 2010, Barcelona
Creating an audio composition from visitors drawings.
A gallery where you can browse all the marks left by visitors to Barcelona during the Sonar festival week. When all contributions have been collected they will be processed and data extracted to create an audio release. To view gallery

The Digital Tea Party - Experimenter En Couleur, Creatmosphere and Shroomstudio collaboration

A dynamic installation of immersive media, referring to the house of the future. It explores digital tracking and computer technology to control our local environment through interaction with lo-fi inanimate objects.

The Digital Tea Party evolves with the moving of the tea set, to control lighting,video and sound together. Visitors are directed to take a cup labeled 'fill me' and make a tea. The act of placing a cup on the table projects a wallpaper layer representing the cups pattern, starts a video sequence of a view through a window, initiates a sound and sets the ambient light. Pouring and drinking produces some surprise outcomes, whilst manipulation of crockery on the table allows users to tune their environment, dramatically shifting the colour, texture, sound and ambiance. Over time the environment develops from an ever changing and reacting new interior space until the cup labeled 'don't drink me' is used.
Experience The Digital Tea Party at Tent Digital, Tent London, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, EC1V 9LT
and the Din-Collective's showing's at Shunt, London Bridge.
For more information about this project and its various guises, visit

Generative Outside Inside
A project that transforms a typical London house through weather patterns. A one year construction/structure-heavy build, that takes its evolving ambience from the elements generative processes. Glass, natural light, artificial light and precipitation are used to transform internal surfaces and our perception of the space we are in.

Photo by Eoghan Hanrahan

Photo by Experimenter En Couleur. More photos and video to be added.

Form, Colour and Time Paper
Other than progress on the musical compositions, Experimenter En Couleur is writing an essay called 'Form, Colour & Time'. The essay analyses the inner dynamics of form, colour and time in music, with reference to the writings of noteable artists and experiments into human perception view writings

See-So Installation

Related to 'Form, Colour And Time', a new project is now in full flow to develop a device with which one can paint sound in real time. This will enable the marking of a digital canvas, to produce abstract films, at the same time playing a sound according to the form and colour frequency of the mark made on the canvas. Thus a musical composition is formed with and from the visual. The process will then be reversed, so performing music will create accurate accompanying visual representations. This will form installation and performance pieces in the future.

Photo by Eoghan Hanrahan

798 Factory Installation for DIAF 2007 Beijing
The first collaboration for several years has Experimenter En Couleur working with sound artist and improvisor
Yan Jun, on a site specific piece relating to the 798 Factory/Dashanzi Art Project in Beijing. The piece refers to the history of the district by taking live signals from remnants of the original services/ductwork that form the axis into the site. Mechanical devices and generative computer based machines will affect the mood of visitors to the exhibition. Zafka has since joined the project and the three will work together until completion.

Avenue of pipes leading from 798 Factory - photo by Yan Jun

Pipes within the tunnel - photo by Zafka

Sketch plan of installation axis - Experimenter En Couleur

Evolution Synthetica at the V & A Museum
Having presented two shows of Evolution Synthetica at the Victoria and Albert Museum with Shroomstudio, Experimenter En Couleur continues to develop connections and interactivity between the live organisms of the performance and the digital domain. (Evolution Synthetica is a symbiotic performance of evolving sound and image. Live experiments describing evolutionary processes use generative sound synthesis, microscopy, macro footage and live generative digital animation to create a sensory spectacle bridging art and science).

Preparation, Raphael Room, V & A Museum - photo by Simon Ansell

Photos of preparation by Alexis Bamforth, and event by Sebastian Potter and Simon Ansell

Part of the set-up

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