Biography - Christos Hatjoullis

Christos Hatjoullis is
co-founder and director of Shroomstudio. A pioneering user of Flash animation, most of his time is now devoted to Shroomstudio. Personal work encompases music, photography, script writing and microscopy.

Info on Shroomstudio
Shroom ltd was established in 2001 as a creative agency and cross-media production company with a specialist interest in animation & filmmaking for broadcast, promo, live music & commercials. Initially founded by 3 partners, the studio is currently led by creative team Alexander & Christos Hatjoullis. Motivated by innovation and experimentation with form, the directors have a keen interest across the spectrum of both digital and traditional media, which is reflected in the flexibility of the mixed portfolio. Active across many industry sectors shroomstudio seeks to cross traditional boundaries, fusing successful devices from different disciplines. The studio has developed a growing reputation for collaborative broadcast projects requiring sensitivity and ethical consideration. This continues to be of value to a range of clients in achieving appropriate message delivery across a wide audience catchment. The Team aims to collaborate with a variety of visionary clients and organisations in conjunction with developing non-commercial projects, experiences, events and live installations. Freelance animators and specialists join the team on a project basis where required in addition to the in-house animation team. The Directors are actively involved with online audio visual platform audioarchitectue.

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